Highlights of 2016

Highlights of 2016
Highlights of 2016

Is 2016 really coming to an end already? Ah, time flies by so fast. I'm grateful for all the good things that happened this year so as a year ender, I'm going to go over the highlights of my 2016.


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  • I lost 12 kgs (since mid 2015) by changing my lifestyle into a healthier, more balanced one. I got the hang of meal prepping and hitting the gym on a regular basis. Most importantly, I finally learned how to love myself and build my self-confidence - something I've been struggling with for the past few years.

  • I moved from Arraday and launched this blog, musingful! It was the best decision I made in terms of blogging.

  • I got employed for the first time ever. Working as a healthcare assistant has improved my communication skills and cultivated my compassion.

  • My ultimate food highlights were eating at Shoryu Ramen and Nanglo Cafe & Restaurant.

  • I was reminded that kindness and goodhearted people do exist in this world when I accidentally dropped my phone on the bus, and then my student card and bus pass a few days later (I'm so clumsy, argh); two kindhearted strangers on two different occasions found them, went out of their way to contact me and returned my lost belongings to me. I'll forever be thankful for their kindness.


With my family

  • I went on a road trip to Eastern Thailand with my family in the summer. It was the best holiday of my life so far. Thank you mom and dad for taking us to such beautiful places and my siblings for making great memories together. - Watch: Thailand in 3 Minutes

  • I celebrated my 21st birthday with them. It was the best birthday dinner filled with amazing food, laughter, joy and crepe cake (my fave).

  • My sister and I were featured on 'Life Where I'm From' YouTube channel (!!). Watching the video again makes me cringe though because I'm so awkward on camera (hahaha..). Nonetheless, I'm glad I challenged myself to do something that was out of my comfort zone because I got to share our delicious Thai street food with a wider audience. Thank you Greg for giving us this opportunity. - Watch: Street Food in Thailand w/ Arraday

  • We also completed a challenge that got our mouths on fire. - Watch: Super Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge


With my boyfriend

  • My boyfriend, Akash, and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary in October. We've been together for two whole years. Words can't describe how grateful I am to have this guy in my life. I love you so much, Akash.

  • We explored new cities in the UK: Brighton, Woking, Bournemouth, Oxford, and Aldershot. I loved every second of our adventures together. We also went to Winter Wonderland in London last week; I'll post a photo diary of our day soon! - Watch: Exploring Brighton, UK

  • My baby and I have been working out together at the gym consistently throughout the year. He's my coach, my inspiration and motivation. He's always there to support and push me to do my best both inside and outside the gym, especially when I'm feeling down. I'm so glad we share the same passion for health and fitness.

  • I got to spend time with his family in London a couple of times. His parents, little brother and cousin are a joy to be with. His mom cooks the best Nepalese food and always give each of us boxes of food to bring back to university. She's so kind and precious.



  • I completed the best group coursework in my entire school life.

  • I'm grateful I was the communications officer of the medical society in my university because I got to be surrounded by very dedicated students with similar goals as me. They helped and inspired me to do my best in my medical school applications and exams (UKCAT and BMAT). Thank you, MedSoc members.


Of course, these are only the highlights. I've had a fair share of ups as well as downs but overall, for me, 2016 has been a great year full of personal growth and memorable adventures. I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring. Goodbye 2016!


What were your highlights of 2016?


With love,

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