Winter Wonderland

A photo diary

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London
December 20, 2016

Ah yes, my favourite place to go in London during wintertime. Winter Wonderland! Akash and I decided to do something fun together before I went home to Thailand for the winter break, and this was the perfect place to go. We went there to enjoy the festive vibes and most importantly, to eat all the good food! (hahaha)

For real though, we didn't go on any rides and simply enjoyed each other's company while merrily munching on a hotdog, Belgian waffle and nutella crepe (oh my goodness, they were so delicious). We also played a shooting game and bottle ring toss. We didn't win anything but it was great fun nonetheless.

Before we get into the Winter Wonderland photos, can we take a moment to look at how much I've changed in 2 years? My railcard photo was taken during my tomboy phase in 2014. I look so different now haha, damn. Alright, let's go to Hyde Park..

I hope you enjoyed viewing this photo diary! Oh hey, by the way, I took a video of the Munich Looping roller coaster in action which you can watch here. It looks pretty scary judging from the screams you hear, haha (also that lil' mwah my boyfriend did at the end of the clip melts my heart every time, ahh).

On the way back to the tube, we passed two street musicians playing very catchy music. They filled the busy streets of central London with happy, lively vibes. The drummer was drumming on assorted pots and buckets, and he was killing it. I couldn't help but record a short video.

I had such a wonderful time with my boyfriend here. Like every year, I can't wait to visit Winter Wonderland again in the next season.


How was your winter break?


With love,



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