Welcome to musingful

Welcome to musingful
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Welcome to my new blog

It's finally here! I'm way more excited about this than I should be, haha. Thanks to my perfectionism kicking in, I've spent hours upon hours tweaking tiny details of the template and the wording in my about, contact, and FAQ pages. But it was all worth it because I'm extremely pleased with how everything turned out. Minimalistic with a light pastel pink and black theme, just the way I wanted.


A fresh start

As you may have noticed, I haven't moved any of my old blog posts from Arraday to musingful. That's because I wanted to start fresh. New brand, new blogging platform, new content. I'm now on Squarespace and oh my goodness, it's way better than Blogger. Squarespace is a powerful yet simple all-in-one blogging platform. I seriously love the drag-and-drop page builder and how simple it is to customise the beautiful, responsive template. No coding required unlike Blogger.

Arraday was more of a lifestyle blog where I wrote about 'what I did' and 'where I went' and not really about 'how I feel' and 'what I'm thinking'. musingful is a personal blog where you can expect more of the latter as well as entries on new topics mentioned below.


Why 'musingful'?

You can read about the origin of my blog name on my FAQ page.



These are the categories that my blog posts will generally fit into. Of course, there are currently no posts yet but they're coming very soon. I've already written and scheduled 10 posts for the next few weeks so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

  • Musings: arbitrary thoughts, stories of my everyday life, favourite things (music, books etc.) and some of my (nooby) poems
    (For the next few weeks, I'll also be featuring some of my writing from my former private blog from 3-4 years ago.)
  • Wellbeing: fitness journey and inspiration, mental health and mindful living
  • Food: restaurant reviews (in the UK and Thailand) and quick and easy recipes 
  • Adventures: travels, photo diaries and vlogs


Changing my social media usernames

Not completely related to the blog but thought you guys should know about this. I'd like to keep my 'brand' consistent across all my social medias so it's easier for others to find and follow me. Here are the changes:

  • Instagram: Previously arrada.jpg, now musingful (same account, just new username)
  • Snapchat: Previously nanafinale and arraday, now musingful (I'm so sorry about this, I know I've changed it twice in a month. Feel free to delete my old ones and add my new one to get a more personal peak into my everyday life.)
  • Youtube: Still Arraday, will be changing to musingful after I post an update video
  • Email: Previously /, now


Creating musingful really means a lot to me. I hope that by sharing my experiences and struggles on this blog, others can relate and feel that they're not so alone in this world.

So, welcome to musingful and cheers to a brand new start!


With love,

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Hi, I’m a potato that loves bubble tea, food and sarcasm. You can probably find me laughing at stupid things on the internet, stuffing my face with food or lifting heavy things at the gym. musingful is an online space where I enjoy documenting my lil’ potato life.