I'm so glad I found you

I'm so glad I found you

I can’t describe how grateful I am to have somebody who I can literally discuss about anything inside my mind, no matter how controversial or dark or paradoxical it is. Somebody who I can converse with endlessly about everything within the cosmos and beyond.

Being able to laugh over the silliest things like memes on this instagram account with you as comfortably as to discuss about serious, philosophical ideas like why we humans do what we do, what happens after death or why the world is so unfair is hands down one of the best things in my life.

I’m so glad I found you, Akash. The ability to have open-minded conversations with you about our deepest thoughts, opinions and fantasies without any fear of being judged or exposed is one of the infinite reasons why I love you so.

To finally have somebody who understands and accepts the mechanics of my complex, intricate, goddamn confusing mind - after years of feeling misunderstood and alienated -


With love,

P.S. For those that are new to my blog, Akash is my boyfriend (and my best friend, swolemate, study buddy, partner in crime, my everything really) of over two years now. Also, I'm curious, who's the one person that you can spill your hearts out to? 



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