Feeling proud

Feeling proud

Left to right: Akash, me, Sheritta, Yuma, Dixie

I'm so proud of this

This is the best coursework I've done in my school/university life so far. It's a scientific poster about the immune response to influenza virus for our 'clinical immunology and immunohaematology' module.

I worked with a lovely group of friendly, intelligent girls (Sheritta, Yuma and Dixie) and my boyfriend, Akash. It took us over a month to finish it. I was responsible for researching the 'physical barriers' and designing the whole poster with Photoshop. I went full-mode-perfectionist on it (haha), and it turned out just the way we wanted.



Before the presentation day, we had a problem with printing and had to sort it out at the last minute (gasp). Okay so our presentation was on Monday. We first ordered our poster printing online which we received on Friday, and guess what, they accidentally printed the poster in portrait instead of landscape (!!).

The texts and diagrams were all stretched out and distorted. We were stressed out because if we had reordered it again, they wouldn't have been able to deliver it by Monday as this printing company closes on weekends.

Fortunately their housemate, Catherine, went home in London that weekend, and she was happy to print our poster for us from a nearby printing shop that finished printing it on the same day. I'm so thankful for her kindness. The poster quality turned out to be a lot better than the first one which we also got a refund for. So everything turned out well, phew.


Hard work paid off

The girls drew all the diagrams by themselves on PowerPoint. I'm so impressed with how talented they are; the diagrams look like they're from textbooks. It took them long hours to finish each one.

But I guess our hard work paid off because on the presentation day, our poster was voted the best poster! I was humbled by the fact that the other groups liked our work and voted for us. The module coordinator gave us a bag of chocolate as the prize, and I can assure you that we thoroughly enjoyed eating it.

We were assessed on 4 parts: visual impact of the poster (15%), our answers to questions from academics on the immunology involved in the pathogenesis (30%), scientific content of the poster (40%) and group work (15%). We received our grade two weeks later, and holy moly, we got 95%! My jaw dropped when I found out. This was the best mark I've received on a coursework since first year. Huge thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication. (throws confetti)



I really enjoyed working with the girls and Akash on this coursework. I'm proud of our teamwork and how our poster and grade turned out. We celebrated by eating delicious Nepalese food in Aldershot which I will blog about next. Prepare yourself for some mouth-watering food photos!


Which school/university work are you most proud of?


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