Timeline: my last piano concert

Timeline: my last piano concert

december 2009

little 14-year-old nana playing the piano
she made a few mistakes but i guess i forgive her
nerves and all
well done, little nana / i'm proud of chu

this piece is fantasie impromptu op. 66 - frederic chopin

other pieces i played in this concert:
tranquility - chan pen-shiun
nocturne in c-sharp minor - frederic chopin


my little sister's performance (6-year-old then)
my little brother's performance (9-year-old then)
they're so adorable ahh


duet / trio:
heart & soul - hoagy carmichael
march op.3 no.5 - weber / andante grazioso k.240 no.2 - mozart


i need to play the piano more / i miss it so much

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