there are two languages.


i find comfort in words
i've always loved
reading / writing / words

certain words
make me / feel
certain things


i learned / there are two
languages / in this world

the unbroken
the broken

each language
uses different / words
makes me feel / different things

the unbroken
makes me feel
(well / the ones / the unbroken / write)

the broken / written by the broken
this, soulful lyrics, milk and honey
makes me feel
so / many / fucking / feels


i can
read / write / speak
in both languages / fluently

most people / just
speak the unbroken
write the unbroken
read the unbroken, and the broken
but don't feel / don't understand

i learned
the broken
a few years ago


instagram / blogging
i've been writing / in the unbroken

i know / which words / to use
to make
people / feel / certain things
to make / them happy


on arraday

words / for the
makeup lovers / boom
skincare lovers / boom
wanderlusts / boombam
hopeless romantics / here you go
goal setters / tada
foodies / enjoy, more
sponsors / why not

on / this space

the curious, intellectuals, bookworms / all, for, you
the self-developing / go on
the ones who need a little guidance / here

to me / they're just / for fun
i just like / to write / haha


on instagram

there / most people / are a bit
lost / confused / hurt
so i shared / words / written by others
sometimes / i write them / myself
in the unbroken / language

there / i enjoyed / helping people
i love to
support / encourage / empower / guide


the thing about the unbroken / language
it's not / my language / anymore
it hasn't been / for years

the thing about the broken / people
the broken feelers

we don't need / a lot of words
we just need / words / written / like this

is for me
nobody else

MusingsNana Wongkittiruk