there are three types of people.


this is how i think

in broken

some call it poems
call it whatever you like
but these are
the words i hear
no i see

in my head


I used to think in unbroken sentences like this.

but then
i broke
it happened a few years ago

but i'm not here to tell you why / how i broke
not yet anyway


i wanted to talk to you
about the three types of people in this world
each of us / at this moment / belong to one type

the unbroken
the breaking
the broken

everyone starts off the same / unbroken
and most people remain unbroken
from birth to death

in their lifetime
they may get lost / confused / hurt
but they will never break

and then there's the selected few
who starts to / break
and they become / broken


there's one more thing
about these three types / each of them
can be broken down / into

the kind
the unkind

those who are unbroken / unkind
petty, spoiled, rude, ungrateful

those who are unbroken / kind
the healers, the counsellors, compassionate, loving, akash

the breaking / just break

those who are broken / unkind
bitter, revenge seeking, arriva bus drivers
(sorry, only people from my uni will get this / hah)

and then there's the broken / kind
you've seen them / heard them
in many places

they learn to express / their pain
in various ways / their way of

some through comedy / dark humour
anna akana / ryan higa

some rap
eminem / j. cole / kendrick lamarphora

some create music / films / art
adib sin & cae / dj okawari / julycreators of goblin
(the most beautiful k-drama i've ever watched / holy shit)

some / like me / write
rupi kaur


my favourite / from milk and honey

how is it so easy for you
to be kind to people
he asked
milk and honey dripped
from my lips as i answered
cause people have not
been kind to me

i added

the kindest people
have seen the most suffering
have felt the most pain

you can see it in their eyes
they reflect mine


one more thing

the unbroken
will never
the broken


MusingsNana Wongkittiruk