The two worlds

The two worlds

We are no different from one another.
Evolution has equipped all of us equally.

Yet I see in one part well-being, while on the other despair.
Yet I see in one part continuous damage, and with little sign of repair.

Like the great leaders of all times, we also have the pure potential to shape the word.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,
Saint Teresa,
Nelson Mandela, and many more schooled us with peace, unconditional love and compassion.

Yet I see in one part starvation, while other decides what to eat.
Yet i see one sleep on wet, whiffy mattress, while other laying comfortably on a luxury bed.
I see farmers struggle with poverty while feeding the rest of the world.
I see farmers crave for their young's education.

Why such disparity? 

Life has two dimensions: the inner and outer world. To blossom greatness in the outer world, one must fathom and educate their INNER WORLD first.


A powerful guest post by my fellow student, Rohullah Yaqubi.
You can find him on: facebook / instagram.

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