I am both fascinated and disgusted by the human mind

I am both fascinated and disgusted by the human mind
I am both fascinated and disgusted by the human mind - musingful.jpg

As someone living with a mental disorder, I am both fascinated and disgusted by the human mind. I’m always amazed at how our minds could come up with new inventions, beautiful art, stories and so much more.

Under normal conditions, it can make you feel happy, empowered, confident and reasonably sad. However when a mental illness takes over the mind, it can create abnormal thoughts and feelings that lead to actions that are utterly detrimental and destructive - sometimes not just to yourself but the people around you.

If you don’t have a mental disorder, please understand how incredibly lucky you are and try to be grateful you have a healthy mind. Having a ‘healthy mind’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy and smiley 24/7. You can feel blue/anxious/upset every now and then, and that is fine - it’s part of human nature. In brief, having a mental disorder means your emotions, thoughts and/or behaviour cause significant distress in your daily life.

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Regardless if you have a mental illness or not, please remember to always take care of your mental health. It’s as important as your physical health. It’s okay to ask for help and/or educate yourself about mental health. Talk to somebody - a person you trust, a professional, me, anyone. You deserve to be happy and stable.

Also, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your loved ones to make sure they’re doing okay. Sometimes the ones who seem like they got it all together mentally are the ones suffering the most.

Stay happy, healthy and humble, my friends. ♡

With love,

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