Recently 03

Recently 03
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Hello, it's been a long time since I published a blog post. This is my life recently:

  • I won't be blogging regularly anymore. Why? I have lost the motivation and willpower. Believe it or not, I barely take photos now. I used to take photos of everything and everyone, especially food (which I then upload to my blog). But nowadays my photo album is just filled with mundane things like my bank account number and random information etc. I really don't know why I stopped taking photos, I guess I just simply lost interest. The thumbnail is an old photo from a few years ago. I'm also not as active on social media anymore.

  • I'm still studying for a BSc Biomedical Science at the same university.

  • I'm in a long-ish distance relationship with Akash because he lives in London now. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary together a couple of weeks ago. No words can describe how grateful I am to have him in my life. He's my rock, my best friend, my soulmate, my one and only. I love you bae. ♥

  • I went to Japan the past summer which you can see photos on my instagram or here (click on arrows to see more):

How have you guys been?


With love,

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Hi, I’m a potato that loves bubble tea, food and sarcasm. You can probably find me laughing at stupid things on the internet, stuffing my face with food or lifting heavy things at the gym. musingful is an online space where I enjoy documenting my lil’ potato life.