Reasons why I want to write about my life experiences

Reasons why I want to write about my life experiences

As mentioned on my previous post, I’m not a wanderlust/makeup lover/fashionista. But I am an introverted, sarcastic, opinionated INFJ girl who has many stories to tell (including photos and videos, woo) from growing up as a nerdy, annoying teenager who liked playing RuneScape to dealing with silly, boy dramas to falling into depression and struggling with my body image to who I am now:

  • 21 years old and happier with my life

  • have a loving family and boyfriend - my world revolves around the health and happiness of these five people

  • studying biomedical science in England and trying to get into medicine

  • wanting to create short films on YouTube

  • learning to live mindfully and consciously

  • enjoys lifting weights and writing about my lame potato life

  • promoting health and self-love while also enjoying dark and self-deprecating humour (I know, how ironic)

Oh, I also spend a lot of time doing this (read caption) so I may be writing about my thoughts on ethical/humanitarian matters, and perhaps religion and other controversial topics. (Oh boy, that is gonna be fun.)

I guess more than a "blogger", I want to be a storyteller who shares stories from my life on musingful, for a few reasons:


Writing is how I process and organise my thoughts and feelings. I’ve been writing and reflecting on my own life on some form of journal since 2009 - from physical, real diaries to Tumblr and now, this blog (to be honest, I still have a Tumblr account but it’s private and for my eyes only, heh). Writing helps me to relax and calm the chaos in my mind.

I suck at talking and often times I sound like a stuttering, mute dunce. But when it comes to writing.. my words just flow out naturally on the page (or, well, computer screen). I also learned that this - being a writer, not a talker - is an INFJ thing, and I’ll talk more about how learning about my personality type has been absolutely life-changing in future posts.



As much as it is for my own therapy, I guess it is for your enjoyment and for anyone who can relate or cares to know about this little potato’s life. My life isn’t more special or extravagant than anybody else - I’m just an ordinary girl - but I’ve gone through many phases in my life that I’m sure many of us have/had to deal with such as taking care of your mental health, the “emo” phase (oh god haha, where my 90’s girls at?), struggling with your body image, questioning your sexuality, relationships, school etc. By me sharing my stories and experiences, I hope others can relate and won’t feel so alone in this world - especially the lost teenagers out there. In hindsight, I’ve said and done so many things that makes me want to go back in time and slap myself.
in the face.
with a chair.

So yeah, I hope you’ll enjoy reading those parts of my life as well. And maybe laugh at my awkward, cringey teenager photos together. (I had them braces, red thick glasses and terrible haircut. Ohh yeah, I was the epitome of a "nerd".)



This one I didn’t really expect until I posted ‘Filter out the noise, focus on the meaningful’ and ‘Confessions of a Thai girl studying abroad in England’. I realised that you guys have stories to tell too, and I loved hearing them and getting to know you a bit more in the comments. I cannot care less about numbers (followers, pageviews etc.) but I do care about meaningful interactions in the comments section.

What I didn't expect even more was that not only did bloggers and my online friends (my usual readers) gave me feedback via blog comments/Snapchat/Instagram but a few of my university coursemates contacted me saying they read my blog posts, and enjoyed it. This took me by surprise because I didn't expect anyone from my course to read my personal blog, let alone compliment it, ahh. One of them opened up to me about having similar experiences as me while studying abroad here in England (oh my god, she made me feel so relieved knowing that I'm not the only one who doesn't really enjoy studying here) and also about her struggles with her mental health.

As I browse other blogs - and my own blog - I notice that the more personal and intimate the posts get, the more rich and interactive the comments and feedback are. And I seriously love that. So thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts with me in my previous posts, and I look forward to hearing more from you as I share my own life stories on this blog.


Of course, you may have noticed this already, I'm not only going to be writing about my life experiences on musingful but it will be the main bulk of my blog content.


What do you write about on your blog?
Why did you choose to write about them?


With love,

P.S. This is part 2 of 4 of my train of thoughts as I went through an early-20s-crisis the past few weeks.
Part 1)
In the next part, I'm going to tell you my plans for my YouTube channel.



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