My thoughts on death

My thoughts on death
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The idea of death used to comfort and soothe me. Like, wouldn’t it be such a peaceful feeling to know that you’ll be sound asleep and not have to worry about anything anymore? To just let all your problems and feelings float away and never have to face them ever again.. but that was when I was in a very dark place and time in my life.

Right now? I see death as.. something that is going to happen to me anyway so I want to live my life to the fullest. We’re all going to die one day so why not do the things you love, spend time with your loved ones, challenge yourself, face your problems, make mistakes, learn from them and so much more.

Death is an inevitable thing.
Life is a gift that will expire,
so spend yours wisely.


(Written by me 3-4 years ago)

With love,

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