I thought blogging wasn't for me

I thought blogging wasn't for me

When I first entered the blogosphere in the summer of 2015, I thought blogging was all about travel/beauty/fashion, attracting businesses to sponsor you, making money from affiliations and ads, having brightly lit, pristine photos of stylish bloggers, coffee mugs and MacBooks and yada yada yada (if you take a quick look through Bloglovin’, you’ll see what I mean).

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that of course - that’s what I attempted to do with my old blog -  but after a few months of blogging on Arraday, I sort of lost interest (as you can see in my old blog archive, I had 12 posts in July 2015, and only 17 posts in the whole year of 2016). I thought blogging was not for me because I'm:

  • not a wanderlust (I’m a homebody, and the only place I really want to go to is Japan and that’s it to be honest)
  • not a makeup lover (I do use makeup but I’m not obsessed/addicted to it)
  • not a fashionista (I honestly see clothes as something you wear so you don’t walk around naked heh, and as I mentioned here, I find it such a hassle to dress up for the cold. It still amuses me to this day how fashion bloggers can write so much about a piece of clothing, haha.)

Boooyy was I wrong. Turns out that you don’t have to be all of the above to have a blog (duh Nana) but it’s just for the past year I haven’t come across any blogs that don’t post about travel/beauty/fashion. It was not until recently that I started to find blogs that have more writing and less photos (if any). Bloggers who wrote honestly about their personal experiences and struggles. Bloggers who wrote about topics with substance or has a meaning to them, like mental health. Bloggers who focused more on writing than having the typical #instagramgoals photos.

Discovering these blogs changed my world, well blogging world at least. They gave me the "ok" signal for me to write more on my blog and to not worry about having a media kit and other little things that those "blogging tips" posts tell you to do. So after pondering for quite some time, I decided I want to focus on writing about my life experiences. And tada, musingful was born.

Ah by the way, I changed the background from pastel pink to this light creamy colour because it reminds me of the colour of an old diary I used to have. Writing here feels like writing on my old diary, and it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. (Yes, I am a sentimental little potato.)

Blog crushes

Here are some of the aforementioned blogs, and my favourite post from them in a rough order of when I discovered their blogs (they're the ones that inspired me to create and continue writing on musingful, so a huge thank you to them):

Some of these blogs deserve way more recognition; they're like hidden gems in the blogosphere, and I'm so happy I found them. If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend you to head over to their blogs and show them some love.

Oh, I should also mention that I am open to collaborations with bloggers and creatives. So feel free to hit me up any time if you'd like to collab or write a guest post or anything!


How was your blogosphere like when you first started?
Which blogs have you been crushing on lately?


With love,

P.S. This is part 1 of 4 of my train of thoughts as I went through an early-20s-crisis the past few weeks.
In the next part, I'm going to tell you reasons why I want to write about my life experiences.



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