How to master minimalist dressing

A guest post by Sophia Smith on dressing minimally. I hope you like this fashion article.

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In fashion, you often get the impression that everything you wear needs to be loud. The colors need to scream at you, the prints need to spin your mind, and unless you’re wearing a neon pink dress no one will notice you and you’ll be deemed bland and lacking in taste. However, if you actually look at some of the most famous fashion designers, you’ll notice that they wear clothes that are quite... simple. They are elegant, they’re smooth, they’re so damn classy that you can’t help but admire them, that you can’t help being in awe at how such a plain black turtleneck can make one look like a real fashion diva. 

Minimalism, despite its lack of flair, can absolutely bring the drama to the table. It’s smart, refined, and jaw-droppingly beautiful at times, especially because it serves to show off your fashion skills.  For all your style-lovers and ladies looking for practical and chic outfits, here are a few tips on how to pull minimalism off.




Or lack thereof. You see, minimalism isn’t about catching attention with glitter, gold, and sequins – it’s more subdued, it’s graceful. If executed right, it’s downright masterful. Black is the new black, that smooth, elegant feel of sleek black pants paired with a smart blazer, with a simple blouse underneath. 

White is where the power dressing lies, in that crisp color of snow, in that business dress that makes you look like you run an empire. Mix and match these two because they go so well together, and if you’re not a fan of black and white, reach for other, neutral colors that work with your skin tone. 


Simple cuts

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Minimalism is about quality, not quantity. It’s better to have one versatile little black dress that fits you like a glove, than to have a dozen misshapen messes that you got off some sales rack from the department store, none of which fit you all that well. A neat pair of slacks, a well-fitted blazer, a tailored bodycon dress, button-down blouses, white t-shirts, pantsuits, pencil skirts, oversized cardigans. 

Having a good basic wardrobe of simple pieces actually gives you more options than having piles, and piles of loud clothes for which you need a diagram and a color wheel to match properly.




Here’s where all the fun comes in. Accessories can really take the look to the next level, and you want to make sure they contrast your outfit in some way to prevent it from looking bland. An all-black suit? Why not add some silvery details to bring that stylish sophistication? Pearl earrings, simple chain necklaces, and above all – the bag. 

The bag is the most important bit. This season invites us to take a few tips from Aussie fashionistas and grab ourselves big leather bags that will last long and complement any outfit. Australian designers like Oroton make excellent custom purses and belts, keyrings, scarves, sunglasses, and they have both men’s and women’s departments, so all genders can find some pretty great accessories to make their outfits pop. 


Bend the rules

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As with all fashion, the personal touch is what makes all of it unique. Do you hate the whole black/white/grey color scheme? Then why would you wear it? What’s the point, if it doesn’t make you happy and comfortable? Put your own twist on it, and wear more red, or navy, or even pink. 

Make your own damn color scheme, make your own rules. If your fashion is stifling your creativity, then it’s not worth it. 



This is worth a quick mention because, similarly to the accessories, it can really make your outfit look incredible. Some people love keeping up with the neutral, simplistic scheme and doing an all-natural, “no-makeup” makeup look. Others take this as an opportunity to play around and bring a pop of color to their eyes or lips. Imagine yourself in a sleek white suit with your lips painted bright red. Stunning. Truly stunning. 

Minimalism is the perfect choice for businesswomen, moms who are always rushing but still want to look elegant, and for gals who love that sleekness, that uniform-like feel of this style, the power that comes with elegant simplicity. If you sound intrigued, give it a try. You’ll be bringing your fashion game to a whole new level. 



about the guest writer

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