Exploring London

Exploring London

A photo diary

London - Tower bridge / River Thames cruise / Tower of London / Sea Life Aquarium / Korean BBQ
20 January, 2018

London - Akash & Nana

On Saturday, Akash and I turned into lil' tour guides and took my aunt and cousin out to explore London. They've already been to most of the famous attractions like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, etc. so I decided to take them to Tower Bridge, a lunch cruise on the River Thames, then we visited the Tower of London and Sea Life Aquarium. We also did a bit of shopping in Oxford Street. Lastly, we ended the day with some bomb Korean BBQ.


We usually have a driver to take us around but she was busy that day so we took all sorts of public transportation like a true Londoner. We went on a boat (cruise), trains, tubes (underground), buses, Uber, and a taxi. We also walked. A lot. So much that my aunt and cousin broke their records for the number of steps they took in a day, haha. Apparently we walked over 20,000 steps!

Tower Bridge

Lunch cruise on the River Thames

The food was pretty great (oh my goodness, the chocolate mousse was so marvellous). The views and service were lovely too. The cruise took about one hour and a half but the time flew by quickly because it was a really pleasant journey.

City cruise river thames
City cruise river thames

Tower of London

Sea Life Aquarium

I didn't take many photos but here are some pretty jellyfishes!

Shopping at Oxford Street

Is it just me or is it super hot in here?

Nike model right here

Kalbi Korean BBQ & Sushi

This was so good! We got the Set A buffet which includes rib eye, kalbi, ox tongue, bulgogi, LA kalbi, and duck steak. When you order Set A, you also get unlimited amount of meat from Set C which includes pork bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, spicy pork and chicken, smoky BBQ chicken and pork belly. There were also a couple of side dishes, and my favourite one has got to be japchae (glass noodles stir fry).

Everyone was full (and getting sleepy) by the end of the meal. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a fantastic Korean BBQ in London!

Kalbi Korean BBQ and Sushi

And that is the end of our London adventure. Big thanks to my cousin (p' Jean) for taking some of these photos!


With love,

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