Explaining my hiatus on youtube

Explaining my hiatus on youtube

I haven't posted a new video on my YouTube channel since last August. I've been telling my online friends/subscribers on Instagram and YouTube things like 'yes yes I'm working on a new video' or like 'new video coming soon' and yet I haven't posted anything new since the spicy Korean noodle challenge video (well, except for the 'failed' video below, heh - keep reading). So I think I owe these lovely people an explanation.


First, thank you for subscribing.

After making the street food in Thailand video for Life Where I'm From channel 5 months ago, a lot of people decided to subscribe to my little YouTube channel. I haven't properly said thank you yet, so.. thank you to Greg for giving me the opportunity to make the video for his channel, and a huge thank you to everyone who subscribed and followed me on Instagram. I've met a number of amazing individuals since then, and I'm very grateful for this mini influx of online friends and your kind comments on my videos.


Just a heads up: I'm changing my channel name from 'arraday' to 'musingful' soon.

I changed my handles to 'musingful' on my blog and Instagram already, and finally it's time to change it on my YouTube channel. I'll do it some time this month. For the curious ones, you can find the meaning of 'musingful' on my FAQ page.

I hope you understand that I'm not a "youtuber".

I am simply a girl who enjoys filming and editing videos for fun. (I've been doing it as a hobby since 2009-ish.) I feel like many people subscribed to me assuming that I'm a "youtuber" and that I post videos regularly (or maybe I'm just overthinking?). This made me feel kind of guilty for not posting any videos recently.

So I asked you guys on this instagram post what do you want to see on my channel, and the majority said workout and cooking videos. I said yes to both. I filmed both types of videos, and then:

  1. I realised that the quality of my workout videos isn't good enough for YouTube because I use my iPhone to film (I'm not comfortable with bringing my bulky Canon camera to the gym yet, sorry guys). So I've decided to post my workout videos on my Instagram feed and stories from now. I hope that's okay with you. Here's my latest workout video.
  2. More importantly, I realised that I don't have the time to edit my cooking videos or any other videos.


I don't have time to edit my videos.. yet.

I have tons and tons of footage from my cooking videos to my recent family holiday in northern Thailand to other little trips both in England and Thailand. I'd actually been in the middle of editing a "sister tag" video that I filmed with Dara last summer, and I'd been dying to finish editing it (and the other videos) but I don't have the time because of university work. I'd been saying I'm going to post new content soon - because I really thought I'd be able to balance my university work and editing - but it seems like I have to continue my hiatus until summer holiday. 


So.. I'm sorry, and I'll start posting again in the summer.

I have to prioritise my studies first (and also my blog, hehe). Yeah I could hastily create a tacky video but I don't want to publish any content that I'm not proud of, y'know? I promise I'll do my best to edit and publish as many proper videos as I can during the summer and other holidays. Thank you for your patience and support, I really appreciate it.


But, I kinda just posted a new video.

Sort of. Basically, I tried to make a 'chatty' video saying all the things I wrote above. But ermm.. yeah, just watch the video haha. And yes, the 'blog post' I'm referring to in the video is this one that you're currently reading. (Enjoy watching me fail as a human being, ahaha.. haha.. haa..)

You see, I really wasn't kidding when I said I'm a writer, not a talker on my previous post. I got frustrated with myself for this, argh. Welp, this taught me that I should stick with making travel vlogs, cooking videos etc. and not 'chatty/freestyle' videos.

(crawls and hides under my bed forever)


How do you balance your studies/work with blogging or other creative hobbies?
Any advice? (please)


With love,

P.S. This is part 3 of 4 of my train of thoughts as I went through an early-20s-crisis the past few weeks.
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